BMW Gina

BMW Gina exotic car side-front view

Yes, it looks awesome. No, you won't be able to drive it. At least in the near future, because BMW Gina Light Visionary concept is only a concept future car and you can only take a look to it at the BMW museuem. I bet this BMW supercar will look really different from all other supercars you will find there. The main feature making BMW Gina future car distinct from all others is the skin - BMW Gina Light Visionary concept car has it.

BMW Gina concept looks like it's made from a single piece which can change its shape. This supercar has no front door contour because it is covered under the flexible skin, which becomes visible once you will open the door and the outer skin will change its shape. The interior of BMW Gina concept supercar will transform as well not to be so minimalistic once you are inside.

You could possibly say that BMW Gina exotic future car can blink, because lights have a special cover like humans have eyelids. Headlights are covered under the skin untill you turn them on and they are revealed and backlights are visible through the skin at the rear of the BMW Gina supercar once you use them.

There is a spoiler hidden under the skin at the back of the car which is automatically lifted up once the car reaches certain speed to provide more down-force and maintain stability on the road - but the shape of the BWM Gina supercar remains like a one whole.
Although it looks really cool and futuristic supercar, owners of it might end up with some problems like car wash, scratches - you will probably have to change the whole skin which may cost a fortune - and, of course, flexible material will not help to save your life in case of any accident.